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Choosing a Pendant Lamp

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Lighting is the key to a space’s atmosphere, and pendant lamps are one of the most versatile lighting options available. Unlike chandeliers with their multiple outstretched arms, pendants are simple: a bulb hidden under a shade that hangs on the end of a cord. But that simple design allows for endless variation in shape, size, and style. From 4-inch-diameter mini cylinders to massive 30-inch domes, there’s a pendant to suit every space, from a foyer or stair landing with a wash of light to a dining room table or bathroom sink with focused task lighting.

Pendants are a great choice for high-ceiling rooms because they help to make the room feel bigger by reflecting light off nearby surfaces. However, they can also be used in smaller spaces to add a sense of coziness. In addition to being functional, pendants are a fantastic decorative element in themselves and can be used as a focal point for any room.

In the kitchen, pendants are commonly used in sets of three hanging over an island or dinette set for directed task lighting. They can also be used in the bedroom as a replacement for bedside lamps or to create ambient mood lighting. They’re particularly useful in open areas like hallways where they can act as a decorative piece of artwork, especially when paired with a dimmer switch to allow you to adjust the lighting to suit your mood.

When choosing a pendant lamp, the first thing to consider is its proportions. It should be large enough to enlighten the area it’s over without creating disturbing shadowed areas or making the ceiling seem cluttered. Then it’s a matter of finding the right shade material. Clear glass diffuses light evenly, while metals with shiny finishes reflect it and can add a more dramatic effect. And finally, the color of the light emitted is important to consider as well. Light bulbs are rated by their Kelvin (K) temperature, with lower numbers indicating more yellow and higher numbers indicating whiter or bluer light.

Many styles of pendants don’t require an electrician to install. They come with long decorative cords that can be plugged into a wall outlet, meaning they’re perfect for homes with existing outlets. For more flexibility, opt for a cord with a retractable feature.

The most popular pendant lamps are glass or metal, but they’re also made out of wood and even concrete. A variety of colors and finishes are available to match any home’s decor, from classic to modern.

If you want to add a touch of tropical vibes, try our Suru pendant lamp featuring island-vibe rattan weaving on a metal frame. Or, go for a more traditional look with our Cadza pendant lamp, which features polished brass and a classic bell shade.